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STMARKET is a leading broker offering diversified financial products to facilitate worldwide clients of all sizes with world-class service. Our products include foreign exchange system and service, liquidity solution, service for corporate treasury management platform, corporate hedge funds as well as fin-tech system integration. 

STMarket Features

A world class trustworthy brand

STMarket has more than 18 years financial services experience and is regulated by the most respected regulator in the world – the Securities and Exchange Commission of Cambodia (SECC). 

Security of funds and regulations 

STMarket will ensure all client funds are kept in segregated accounts with trusted financial institutions as we are governed to the highest regulatory standards by the Securities and Exchange Commission of Cambodia (SECC).

Exceptional trading experience 

STMarket's objective is to deliver an enhanced trading experience with class leading spreads and commissions within the financial services industry. There are no requotes and we aim to mitigate slippage. 

Flexibility to success 

STMarket is committed to your success. We do not impose any profitability restrictions and are open to all trading strategies including hedging 

Your one-stop trading service

STMarket values our provider-client relationship based on trust. We aim to maintain a high level of service with 5-24 hours on call, whether face-to-face, on the phone, via email.

Integrated trading education and help
STMarket offers free fundamental education and training sessions, and various marketing expansion material for our market affiliates 

Our Mission - A Truly Transparent Broker

Transparent trading with no hidden charges and no requotes

High-quality trading technology with reliable trading platforms

Clear, direct and 24/5 accessible communication and client service 


We have over 18 years' experience in providing world-class trading services, and we’re proud that our dedication has led to a number of prestigious awards over the years.


STMARKET Limited is authorized and regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission of Cambodia (SECC) (reference number). The SECC is an independent public body given statutory powers by the Securities and Exchange Commission of Cambodia (SECC), regulating the conduct of both retail and wholesale financial services firms in Cambodia. 

License No: 


Our Headquarter is located in Phnom Penh-- the nation's economic, industrial, and financial center of Cambodia.

We also have office based in Thailand, and London, where the most forex prime brokers located, to ensure we can provide our client with the most advanced and pioneer technology. 

Funding at STMarket

Deposit securely at lightning speed with Sage FX

STMARKET provides a variety of deposit methods according to different customer needs includes 24/7 real-time E-payment, and a large amount online banking transfer payment.

Ways to Deposit at STMarket:

  1. Bank Wire (The most used transfer method globally)
  2. Online Credit/Debit Card (You will be able to fund your trading by using any of these major credit cards brands)
  3. Third Party P2P Payment
  4. China Union Pay


Why choose STMARKET?

With more than 18 years in fintech industry, STMARKET is an organization with multiple business functions and roles, including; a global foreign exchange broker, liquidity provider, foreign exchange trading system provider, service provider for corporate treasury management platform and others. STMARKET Limited is regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission of Cambodia (SECC) (Financial Services Register No.). Registered in the Cambodia (Firm Reference No. RN-127703). STMARKET specializes in providing professional, various and forward-looking financial products and services to investors and businesses around the world.

Does STMARKET provide demo trading account?

We offer a demo account with virtual funds that allows you to try out our platform and practice trading strategies and techniques in a risk-free environment.

Customers can simply start a demo account by simply registering with their mobile number/email address. Click here to register demo account.

How long does a demo account last?

Demo account last for 1 month after sign up.

What documents are required to open a live account?

When a customer opens an account with STMARKET, we need the customer's personal information (such as full name, address, phone number, identification

document, address certificate, etc.) to confirm the identity of the customer.

How does STMARKET protect my date and information security?

We may use your information to conduct further inquiries into you, including investigations to combat financial fraud. STMARKET is solely responsible for

protecting your personal information from misuse, loss, unauthorized access, modification or disclosure.

What are the MT5 server addresses for real and demo accounts?

Live Account: STMARKET -Live; Demo Account: STMARKET -Demo

What account type does the platform provide?

STMARKET offers Prime & Standard accounts and ECN ultra-low spread account options for all beginners and professional trading clients.

Can I open multiple accounts?

Yes! A customer can open up to 10 trading accounts.

What kind of partner program do you have

STMARKET provides partners with the most competitive market policies and professional franchise support. We customize different cooperation plans for different partners. 


What should I do if | forget my account password?

You can go to the login page, click "forgot my password", and retrieve the password through the email address you filled out when you opened the account.

Which currencies can I use to trade?

Your account will be traded and settled in US dollars. If you use other currencies to trade, it will be exchanged to the selected currency according to the real-time

bank exchange rate.

Deposits and Withdrawals

Do I need to activate my account?

Your account will be activated automatically after you create the account. However, you need to deposit money into your account before it can be operated. If the account has not been deposited for two months, it will be Click to deposit my account

How do I deposit funds into my trading account?

STMARKET provides a variety of deposit methods according to different customer needs includes 24/7 real-time E-payment, and a large amount online banking transfer payment.

Why should I link a bank account before | can deposit funds to my trading account?

Linking your bank account to your STMARKET trading account helps you to make payments more quickly and safer.

What is the minimum deposit amount?

The minimum initial deposit required is at least 500 USD dollars. STMARKET supports wire transfer deposits for three different currencies includes EUR, USD, and GBP.

Is there a handling fee for the deposit?

STMARKET does not charge any fees for deposits. However, a currency conversion will be needed if the customer is using non-US dollars for the deposit

payment, and it may cause loss by a change in the exchange rate used.

Can others deposit on behalf of the clients?

STMARKET does not accept deposits from a third party. If the customer uses a third-party deposit, STMARKET will refund the funds and charge a 5% handling fee.

If necessary, STMARKET will investigate the true source of the funds.

How long does it take to withdraw funds?

STMRKET will approve withdrawals wIthin 48 hours, and it usually take between 2-3 working days to arrive to bank account depending on the processing time of the client's bank.

Can I transfer the money to the account under the same name?

The two accounts must be under the same name and ID number.

What is the minimum transfer amount under the trading account with the same name?

The minimum transfer amount under the trading account with the same name is at least $1 US dollar, and there is no maximum amount limit transfer.

What is the minimum withdrawal amount?

The minimum initial withdrawal amount is 100 USD dollars, and the withdrawal below $100 can be withdrawn on the 10th of each month. (If the 10th is a non-

working day, it will be postponed to the first next working day)

Can I bind the same debit/credit card for deposit and withdrawal payment?

Yes, you can bind the same bank card for both deposit and withdrawal payment; likewise, it can be linked to a different bank card. You can link no more than three debit/credit cards to one trading account.

All about Trading:

Which product deals are offered?

STMARKET offers more than 50 mainstream product and trading services worldwide including foreign exchange, indices, and commodities. 

What are the average spreads of the platform?

Our products implement spreads. The spreads will fluctuate regarding to the market fluctuation. Please refer to the terms and condition of our trading products.

What type of leverage does the platform offer?

According to the compliance requirements of SECC, we offer our customers with different types of leverages including1:50, 1:100, 1:200 based on customer needs and risk management.

How to justify the leverage?

Customers can login to the account centre, modify the customer details, and submit the application of leverage modification. Once the compliance department have passed the reviews, the leverage modification is completed.

What is the minimum or maximum lot size you can place?

The minimum position size is 0.01 lots, and the maximum position size is usually 1000 lots (some specific symbols have different lot size).

Do you allow hedging?


What are the requirements for unlocking?

Yes, the same account can be traded on STMARKET's App, MT4, WebTrader. Customers can choose different trading platforms based on their own preferences.

Under what circumstances will the system automatically close my trades?

When the account net value is lower than the mandatory margin requirement, the system will close some of your positions. During weekends or holidays, the net

value must be kept at no less than the required margin. If you fail to meet these criteria, some of your trades will be closed. Hedging does not completely eliminate the risk of forced liquidation. Therefore, customers must still pay attention to their account balances and maintain margin at all times. Customers can choose different trading platforms based on their own preferences.


What is a personalised invitation link?

STMARKET customizes the exclusive invitation link for each partner. Once the customer registers the account via the customised link, they will be upgraded to

our partner account.

What are the requirements for becoming a channel partner?

Channel partners are suitable for any individual or institution with a large number of online followers through blogs, social media platforms and websites.

Does the company offer any supports and training to partners?

The company provides the fundamental training, back-end training, marketing resource material supply, customised cooperation planning for different partners.

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