Partner with STMarket

STMARKET always puts integrity and high-quality services at the forefront of business development. We propose the market-competitive market policies and professional support for our partners. 

Type of Partnership Scheme

Introducing Broker  - Refer a friend and earn your rebate!
  1. Match your clients' needs with STMARKET's cost-effective and secure trading environment
  2. Earn up to 60% of Spread/Commission Revenue
  3. Customised multi-layer rebate structure and flexible payout options
  4. Commission is calculated in real time based on clients's trading volume

*The more your clients trade, the more you earn!

Asset Management  - Manage your client funds and earn performance fees
  1. Trade on multiple accounts with our advanced MAM system
  2. Set your capital allocation, performance fee, profit payout frequency and individual liquidity level.
  3. Customised partnership from account opening to type of trade flow and fully tailored back office reporting.

*Successful money managers that have consistently increased their clients equity for over 6 months are offered to become registered under our license and are allocated investor funds.

For institution

FIX API Connection - Access to our deep liquidity market data and Low-latency trading environment
  1. Fully integrated with your customizable trading tools or algorithm engine with fast and reliable execution
  2. Benefits from our market competitive price feeds and a wide range of trading instruments
  3. Our sophisticated API team ensures fast integration and more efficient trading capability
  4. No 'last look' and full market book liquidity enable your trades to be executed without delay.

* Any specific instruments and configuration on trades flow/type via FIX API is available upon request

White Label Partnership Programme Launch your own brokerage business through our one-stop tailored service
  1. Our brokerage solutions can be delivered in any combination of service which includes: 
Pre-aggregated data feeds, Client Trading Terminal (PC/APP/Web based), Bridge/Gateway Connections, CRM system, Risk Management tools and Trades reporting system, branding and website design, etc.
  1. Access to our unique post trades reporting functions
  2. Offer you peace of mind with our advanced technology solution and 24 hours monitoring, laid back relax and focus on your own marketing
* Regulation Consulting and License Application is also available upon request 


STMARKET as launched the Market Affiliate Awards Program to reward outstanding partners!

Maximum additional $100,000 could be your potential profit.

Activity participation qualification:
Successfully applied and approved as STMARKET's A-level Market Affiliate.

Reward scheme:
The award level is set for the MA according to the net deposit & transaction volume, when both the accumulated net deposits and transaction volume of the customer which introduced by MA reach the certain level in a three months at the same time, the corresponding reward can be obtained in the following month after the end of the activity.

Listed conditions:

1. The net deposit is calculated according to the following formula: 
Net deposit = deposit amount - withdrawal amount 
2. Transfer between accounts of the same name is not considered as a net deposit in this scheme. 

MA Luxury Award
$1 million dollars net deposit -- Reward a one-week luxury tour that takes you to a one week experience of in-depth exploration of South Asia.

Activity participation qualification:
1. Successfully applied and approved as STMARKET's AA-Level Market Affiliate

2. Introduce more than 30 (including 30) customers have successfully opened an account at STMARKET. 

3. The total net deposit amount reaches $1 million, and the minimum transaction volume reaches 20,000 standard lots

Trip Includes:
1. Complete above goals: You will enjoy a week of travel. These include visits to STMARKET headquarters, the Phnom Penh, Cambodia, five days of Cambodia and Thailand and Malaysia city tours.

2. During this 5-day city trip, STMARKET will provide first-class trip as transportation, providing and absolutely luxurious holiday experience. 

3. STMARKET will pay for return international flight tickets from Cambodia and Thailand and Malaysia to Phnom Penh, as well as all expenses relevant to the hotels catering and itinerary arrangements for a week of travel